House Favorites

Meatloaf, Potatoes & Greens
Homemade meatloaf served with mashed potatoes, gravy & warm Brussels sprouts topped with bacon 12.49

Grilled Chicken Burrito
Grilled chicken breast burrito served with Spanish rice & a mixed green salad 10.99

Spaghetti & Meat Sauce
A bowl of spaghetti topped with homemade tomato meat sauce & parmesan cheese 11.99

Veggie Tostada
Vegetarian tostadas topped with sun dried tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, roasted eggplant & squash & salsa verde & served with Spanish rice  9.99  (V)

Southern Fried Chicken
Buttermilk fried chicken split served with homemade mashed potatoes & warm Brussels sprouts topped with bacon  12.49

Tuna Tacos
Seared Ahi tuna cubes served on a bed on shredded cabbaged & topped with tomatillo salsa & wasabi dressing & served with Spanish rice  14.49

Steak & Egg
Grilled flank steak topped with a fried sunny-side up egg sitting on a bed of homemade mashed potatoes  11.99

A traditional quesadilla served with homemade salsa and guacamole. With Roasted Veggies 8.99; Chicken 9.99; Steak 10.99; Shrimp 11.99