Sister City

Toledo, Spain, which is located in the central part of the Western European nation 43 miles southwest of Madrid, is an international tourist spot, in part because of its monuments, churches, museums, history and cuisine.

It is the city that gave its name to Toledo, Ohio, as well as countless other Toledos across the globe.

Toledo, as the one-time capital of Spain under the Romans, retains its archiitectural strength from that period, highlighted by its historically rich buildings and winding, narrow streets perched hard above the Tagus River.

It also is a city that became the muse of El Greco, the 16th-century painter, sculpture and architect of the Spanish Renaissance.

Toledo is celebrated for its roast meats and stews, which the back-of-the-house team of the refurbished Toledo Lounge has duly noted by lending a Spanish twist to an otherwise all-American menu.

We think this gastronomical linkage — where the Old World meets the New World at the intersection of Toledo, Spain, and Toledo, Ohio — is a natural that complements the diversity of Adams Morgan, appeals to the ever-sophisticated palate of Washingtonians and resonates with a neighborhood forever pushing the foodie boundary