The Pegasus

Toledo Lounge has been an institution of Adams Morgan since its opening in July 1994. when it was headed by the Abbajay sisters, Stephanie and Mary, Toledo natives who imported their sense of the Glass City to 18th Street. That includes framed replicas of the Toledo Blade newspaper and the Pegasus, or the Flying Red Horse, the erstwhile logo from Mobilgas that dominates the brick wall. The spirit of Toledo Lounge remains alive and well following an ownership transition in early 2011, when the proprietorship was passed along to Amy Bowman and Scott Auslander, who own the Black Squirrel and Ventnor Sports Cafe, respectively, in the neighborhood. Bowman and Auslander upgraded both the beverage and food menus, the latter falling under the capable stewardship of Chef Gene Sohn, who manages the kitchen at the Black Squirrel. Their efforts are in line with a neighborhood that is cultivating change, whether the evidence comes in the form of the streetscape project or those recently opened establishments that have taken up the ever-fertile cause of Adams Morgan. The Toledo Lounge brand recently came to the attention of Rachel Richardson, a writer with the Toledo Free Press. She appealed to her readers to bring the restaurant up to date on the city she so adores. As she put it, Toledo is so much more than Jamie Farr and Tony Packo’s. Her pitch resulted in memorabilia and the like being dispatched to Toledo Lounge, which she visited with a friend while on a weekend jaunt to the nation’s capital. Her efforts as well as those of her readers have been warmly received. It is the hope of Toledo Lounge to reflect favorably on its namesake.